In vitro and in vivo activities of peganum harmala extract against leishmania major

Rahimi-Moghaddam, P. and Ebrahimi, S.A. and Ourmazdi, H. and Selseleh, M. and Karjalian, M. and Haj-Hassani, G. and Alimohammadian, M.H. and Mahmoudian, M. and Shafiei, M. (2011) In vitro and in vivo activities of peganum harmala extract against leishmania major. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 16 (8).

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BACKGROUND: In vitro and in vivo antileishmanial activities of crude hydroalcoholic extract of peganum harmala seedswere investigated against Leishmania major.METHODS: The extract of aerial parts of P harmala was obtained by maceration. The in vitro experiments were performedon promastigotes to assess antileishmanial activity of the extract using amphotericin B as a reference. The invivo studies were carried out on cutaneous leishmaniasis in outbred mice to evaluate the effects of topical application ofthe ointment-based extract.RESULTS: The in vitro experiments showed a concentration-dependent decrease of parasites number caused by the extractwith an IC50 value of 59.4 idotlessg/ml. In vivo studies demonstrated a significant post-treatment decrease in the lesionsize and parasite count in infected animals, compared to placebo and control groups. High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) of the crude extract demonstrated the existence of harmaline and harmine as beta-carboline alkaloids.CONCLUSIONS: P harmala seeds extract showed significant in vitro and in vivo antileishmanial activities. Most biologicalactivity of the extract could be attributed to its beta-carboline content. However, another alkaloid of P harmalaseeds extract, peganine, has also been reported to have antileishmanial activity. These beneficial effects can be attributedto the cumulative effects of various biologically active components present in it.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: alkaloid; amphotericin B; beta carboline derivative; Peganum harmala extract; placebo; vasicine, animal experiment; antiprotozoal activity; article; concentration response; controlled study; high performance liquid chromatography; IC 50; in vitro study; in vivo study; Leishmania major; nonhuman; plant seed; promastigote; skin leishmaniasis
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