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Aliramezani, A. and Talebi, M. and Baghani, A. and Hajabdolbaghi, M. and Salehi, M. and Abdollahi, A. and Afhami, S. and Marjani, M. and Golbabaei, F. and Boroumand, M.A. and Sarrafnejad, A. and Yaseri, M. and Ghourchian, S. and Douraghi, M. (2018) Pathogenicity locus determinants and toxinotyping of Clostridioides difficile isolates recovered from Iranian patients. New Microbes and New Infections, 25. pp. 52-57.

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Shirbazou, S. and Delpisheh, A. and Tabatabaie, F. and Mokhetari, R. and Tavakoli, G. and Damghani, S. and Tabaraei, Y. and Aabasian, L. (2013) Serologic detection of anti Toxoplasma gondii infection in diabetic patients. Life Science Journal, 10 (SUPPL.). pp. 313-315.

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