Circular RNAs: A novel biomarker for cervical cancer

Chaichian, S. and Shafabakhsh, R. and Mirhashemi, S.M. and Moazzami, B. and Asemi, Z. (2020) Circular RNAs: A novel biomarker for cervical cancer. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 235 (2). pp. 718-724.

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Besides messenger RNAs, recent RNA-Seq and biochemical analysis showed another type of RNAs as a product of splicing which is named circular RNA (circRNA). Evidence demonstrated that circRNAs are abundant in the cells and are able to show cell/tissue-specific expression or tissue developmental stage which suggest that circRNAs may have regulatory potentials. In recent years, researchers have focused attention on circRNAs because of their key functions in various cellular mechanisms. CircRNAs also have the potential to be as promising biomarkers for diagnosis of various diseases such as cancer. Growing up evidence has shown the various roles of circRNAs in multiple cancers. In recent years, cervical cancer as one of the main causes of cancer death in women has been interesting for molecular research. CircRNAs are one of the novel objects which have recently been evaluated in this cancer. The improvement in our knowledge of the roles of circRNAs in cervical cancer may lead to new transcription therapeutic approaches to cervical cancer inhibition. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to review many studies which examined the role of circRNAs in cervical cancer carcinogenesis and progression up till date and to summarize possible mechanisms of action of circRNAs in cervical neoplasm. © 2019 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: circular RNA; microRNA; RNA; unclassified drug, cancer growth; cancer inhibition; cancer staging; carcinogenesis; gene function; genetic transcription; human; metastasis; priority journal; Review; RNA splicing; tumor invasion; tumor volume; uterine cervix cancer
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