Cross-talk between oxidative stress signaling and microRNA regulatory systems in carcinogenesis: Focused on gastrointestinal cancers

Akbari, A. and Majd, H.M. and Rahnama, R. and Heshmati, J. and Morvaridzadeh, M. and Agah, S. and Amini, S.M. and Masoodi, M. (2020) Cross-talk between oxidative stress signaling and microRNA regulatory systems in carcinogenesis: Focused on gastrointestinal cancers. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 131.


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Molecular mechanisms underlying development and progression of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers are mediated by both oxidative stress (OS) and microRNAs (miRNAs) involvement. Notably, OS signaling may regulate the expression of miRNAs, and miRNAs function as imperative players in OS-initiated tumors. Given the defined biological roles of both OS systems and miRNAs in GI carcinogenesis, a possible interplay between these two key cellular networks is considered. A growing body of evidence has indicated a reciprocal connection between OS signaling pathways and miRNA regulatory machines in GI cancer development and progression. Illumination of the molecular cross-talking between miRNAs and the OS would improve our pathophysiological insight into carcinogens. Also, understanding the molecular mechanisms in which these systems are reciprocally regulated may imply in future medical practice mainly GI cancer therapy. Nowadays, therapeutic strategies focusing on miRNA and OS in GI cancer treatment are increasingly delineated. Since the use of antioxidants is limited owing to the contrasting consequences of OS signaling in cancer, the discovery of OS-responsive miRNAs may provide a potential new strategy to overcome OS-mediated GI carcinogenesis. Given the possible interaction between OS and miRNAs in GI cancers, this review aimed to elucidate the existing evidence on the interaction between OS and miRNA regulatory machinery and its role in GI carcinogenesis. In this regard, we will illustrate the function of miRNAs which target OS systems during homeostasis and tumorigenesis. We also discuss the biological cross-talk between OS systems and miRNAs and corresponding cell signaling pathways. © 2020

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Uncontrolled Keywords: microRNA; reactive oxygen metabolite, biogenesis; carcinogenesis; colorectal cancer; digestive system cancer; esophagus cancer; human; liver cell carcinoma; molecular interaction; oxidative stress; pancreas cancer; priority journal; Review; signal transduction; stomach cancer
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