Nanomaterials modulating stem cell behavior towards cardiovascular cell lineage

Arzaghi, H. and Rahimi, B. and Adel, B. and Rahimi, G. and Taherian, Z. and Sanati, A.L. and Shiralizadeh Dezfuli, A. (2021) Nanomaterials modulating stem cell behavior towards cardiovascular cell lineage. Materials Advances, 2 (7). pp. 2231-2262.

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The cardiovascular system is one of the most complex and indispensable systems in the body and is responsible for the circulation of nutrition, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones to other parts of the body. Injuries and scar formation in various parts of the cardiovascular system could be overwhelming due to the limited regenerative ability of cardiomyocytes. Furthermore, surgeries for cardiovascular complications have major risks, and the shortage of organs is inevitable. However, cardiovascular tissue engineering is promising since it can promote cardiovascular regeneration. Although tissue engineering and regenerative medicine could offer solutions to overcoming these challenges, interactions between nanomaterials and stem cells are not fully understood. Therefore, controlling the behavior of stem cells is challenging due to the limited knowledge in this area. In this review, we discuss various nanomaterials that have recently been utilized in cardiovascular tissue engineering. We also highlight the effects of these nanomaterials on stem cell behavior, with specific emphasis on proliferation and differentiation. It is expected that a better understanding of the interactions of stem cells and nanomaterials would facilitate the design of nanomaterials for regenerative medicine and cardiovascular tissue engineering applications. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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