PC12 cells proliferation and morphological aspects: Inquiry into raffinose-grafted graphene oxide in silk fibroin-based scaffold

Jafari, A. and Emami, A. and Ashtari, B. (2021) PC12 cells proliferation and morphological aspects: Inquiry into raffinose-grafted graphene oxide in silk fibroin-based scaffold. Materials Science and Engineering C, 121.

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Peripheral nerves injuries (PNIs) still associated with both clinical and social problems. Accordingly, tissue engineers� and surgeons� attentions have been drawn for finding efficient solutions. Herein, scaffolds based on silk fibroin (SF)/raffinose-grafted-GO (S.RafGO) nanocomposite were fabricated. Subsequently, PC12 cells growth in term of number and morphology were investigated on neat SF polymer, SF/GO (S.GO), and S.RafGO scaffolds. Characterization via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) exhibited more fibrous structures with few lamellar nanosheets for S.GO; although, S.RafGO showed extended lamellar with lower fibrous structure. Due to the incorporation of GO and raffinose-GO nanosheets into SF structure, electrical conductivity increased ~30 and 40, respectively. Water contact angle data revealed that S.RafGO is more wettable than SF and S.GO. Real-time PCR technique detected higher expressions of the β-tubulin, MAP2 genes on S.RafGO scaffolds in comparison with S.GO and the control group. Immunocytochemistry staining studies confirmed the overexpression of neural-specific proteins including nestin, β-tubulin of S.GO, and S.RafGO nanocomposites in comparison with pure SF scaffolds. © 2020 Elsevier B.V.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Contact angle; Graphene; Nanocomposites; Nanosheets; Polymerase chain reaction; Scanning electron microscopy, Electrical conductivity; Fibrous structures; Immunocytochemistry; Morphological aspects; Over-expression; Peripheral nerves; Social problems; Water contact angle, Scaffolds (biology), fibroin; graphene oxide; graphite; raffinose; silk, animal; cell proliferation; PC12 cell line; rat; tissue engineering; tissue scaffold, Animals; Cell Proliferation; Fibroins; Graphite; PC12 Cells; Raffinose; Rats; Silk; Tissue Engineering; Tissue Scaffolds
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