Differentiation of neural crest stem cells from nasal mucosa into motor neuron-like cells

Bagher, Z. and Kamrava, S.K. and Alizadeh, R. and Farhadi, M. and Absalan, M. and Falah, M. and Faghihi, F. and Zare-Sadeghi, A. and Komeili, A. (2018) Differentiation of neural crest stem cells from nasal mucosa into motor neuron-like cells. Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, 92. pp. 35-40.

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Cell transplantation is a potential therapeutic approach for repairing neuropathological and neurodegenerative disorders of central nervous system by replacing the degenerated cells with new ones. Among a variety of stem cell candidates to provide these new cells, olfactory ectomesenchymal stem cells (OE-MSCs) have attracted a great attention due to their neural crest origin, easy harvest, high proliferation, and autologous transplantation. Since there is no report on differentiation potential of these cells into motor neuron-like cells, we evaluated this potential using Real-time PCR, flowcytometry and immunocytochemistry after the treatment with differentiation cocktail containing retinoic acid and Sonic Hedgehog. Immunocytochemistry staining of the isolated OE-MSCs demonstrated their capability to express nestin and vimentin, as the two markers of primitive neuroectoderm. The motor neuron differentiation of OE-MSCs resulted in changing their morphology into bipolar cells with high expression of motor neuron markers of ChAT, Hb-9 and Islet-1 at the level of mRNA and protein. Consequently, we believe that the OE-MSCs have great potential to differentiate into motor neuron-like cells and can be an ideal stem cell source for the treatment of motor neuron-related disorders of central nervous system. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: 5' nucleotidase; CD34 antigen; chat protein; endoglin; glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase; Hb 9 protein; islet 1 protien; messenger RNA; nestin; protein; receptor type tyrosine protein phosphatase C; retinoic acid; sonic hedgehog protein; Thy 1 membrane glycoprotein; unclassified drug; vimentin, adult; Article; cell differentiation; cell structure; clinical article; clinical evaluation; controlled study; flow cytometry; human; human tissue; immunocytochemistry; mesenchymal stem cell; motoneuron; neural crest; neuroectoderm; nose mucosa; olfactory ectomesenchymal stem cell; priority journal; protein expression; protein synthesis; real time polymerase chain reaction; staining
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