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Swami, V. and Tran, U.S. and Barron, D. and Afhami, R. and Aimé, A. and Almenara, C.A. and Alp Dal, N. and Amaral, A.C.S. and Andrianto, S. and Anjum, G. and Argyrides, M. and Atari, M. and Aziz, M. and Banai, B. and Borowiec, J. and Brewis, A. and Cakir Kocak, Y. and Campos, J.A.D.B. and Carmona, C. and Chaleeraktrakoon, T. and Chen, H. and Chobthamkit, P. and Choompunuch, B. and Constantinos, T. and Crumlish, A. and Cruz, J.E. and Dalley, S.E. and Damayanti, D. and Dare, J. and Donofrio, S.M. and Draksler, A. and Escasa-Dorne, M. and Fernandez, E.F. and Ferreira, M.E.C. and Frederick, D.A. and García, A.A. and Geller, S. and George, A. and Ghazieh, L. and Goian, C. and Gorman, C. and Grano, C. and Handelzalts, J.E. and Horsburgh, H. and Jackson, T. and Javela Delgado, L.G.J. and Jovi�, M. and Jovi�, M. and Kantanista, A. and Kertechian, S.K. and Kessels, L. and Król-Zieli�ska, M. and Kuan, G. and Kueh, Y.C. and Kumar, S. and Kvalem, I.L. and Lombardo, C. and Luis López Almada, E. and Maïano, C. and Manjary, M. and Massar, K. and Matera, C. and Mereiles, J.F.F. and Meskó, N. and Namatame, H. and Nerini, A. and Neto, F. and Neto, J. and Neves, A.N. and Ng, S.-K. and Nithiya, D.R. and Omar, S.S. and Omori, M. and Panasiti, M.S. and Pavela Banai, I. and Pila, E. and Pokrajac-Bulian, A. and Postuvan, V. and Prichard, I. and Razmus, M. and Sabiston, C.M. and Sahlan, R.N. and Sarfo, J.O. and Sawamiya, Y. and Stieger, S. and SturtzSreetharan, C. and Tee, E. and ten Hoor, G.A. and Thongpibul, K. and Tipandjan, A. and Tudorel, O. and Tylka, T. and Vally, Z. and Vargas-Nieto, J.C. and Vega, L.D. and Vidal-Mollón, J. and Vintila, M. and Williams, D. and Wutich, A. and Yamamiya, Y. and Zambrano, D. and Zanetti, M.C. and Živ�i�-Be�irevi�, I. and Voracek, M. (2020) The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS): Breast size dissatisfaction and its antecedents and outcomes in women from 40 nations. Body Image, 32. pp. 199-217.

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