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Burgmaier, K. and Kunzmann, K. and Ariceta, G. and Bergmann, C. and Buescher, A.K. and Burgmaier, M. and Dursun, I. and Duzova, A. and Eid, L. and Erger, F. and Feldkoetter, M. and Galiano, M. and Ge�ner, M. and Goebel, H. and Gokce, I. and Haffner, D. and Hooman, N. and Hoppe, B. and Jankauskiene, A. and Klaus, G. and König, J. and Litwin, M. and Massella, L. and Mekahli, D. and Melek, E. and Mir, S. and Pape, L. and Prikhodina, L. and Ranchin, B. and Schild, R. and Seeman, T. and Sever, L. and Shroff, R. and Soliman, N.A. and Stabouli, S. and Stanczyk, M. and Tabel, Y. and Taranta-Janusz, K. and Testa, S. and Thumfart, J. and Topaloglu, R. and Weber, L.T. and Wicher, D. and Wühl, E. and Wygoda, S. and Yilmaz, A. and Zachwieja, K. and Zagozdzon, I. and Zerres, K. and Ranguelov, N. and Godefroid, N. and Collard, L. and Lombet, J. and Maquet, J. and Schalk, G. and Querfeld, U. and Beck, B.B. and Benzing, T. and Buettner, R. and Grundmann, F. and Kurschat, C. and Benz, K. and Tzschoppe, A. and Buchholz, B. and Buescher, R. and Häffner, K. and Pohl, M. and Gross, O. and Krügel, J. and Stock, J. and Patzer, L. and Oh, J. and Bernhardt, W. and Doyon, A. and Vinke, T. and Sander, A. and Henn, M. and Derichs, U. and Beetz, R. and Jeck, N. and Lange-Sperandio, B. and Ponsel, S. and Kusser, F. and Uetz, B. and Benz, M. and Schmidt, S. and Huppertz-Kessler, C. and Kranz, B. and Titieni, A. and Wurm, D. and Leichter, H.E. and Bald, M. and Billing, H. and Nabhan, M.M. and Lara, L.E. and Papachristou, F. and Emma, F. and Cerkauskiene, R. and Azukaitis, K. and Wasilewska, A. and Balasz-Chmielewska, I. and Miklaszewska, M. and Tkaczyk, M. and Sikora, P. and Zaniew, M. and Niemirska, A. and Antoniewicz, J. and Lesiak, J. and Afonso, A.C. and Teixeira, A. and Milosevski-Lomic, G. and Paripovi�, D. and Peco-Antic, A. and Papizh, S. and Bayazit, A.K. and Anarat, A. and Soylu, A. and Kavukcu, S. and Candan, C. and Caliskan, S. and Canpolat, N. and Emre, S. and Alpay, H. and Akinci, N. and Conkar, S. and Poyrazoglu, H.M. and Dusunsel, R. and Dötsch, J. and Schaefer, F. and Liebau, M.C. and Group, ESCAPE Study and Group, GPN Study and ARegPKD consortium, (2018) Risk Factors for Early Dialysis Dependency in Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease. Journal of Pediatrics.

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