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Burgmaier, K. and Ariceta, G. and Bald, M. and Buescher, A.K. and Burgmaier, M. and Erger, F. and Gessner, M. and Gokce, I. and König, J. and Kowalewska, C. and Massella, L. and Mastrangelo, A. and Mekahli, D. and Pape, L. and Patzer, L. and Potemkina, A. and Schalk, G. and Schild, R. and Shroff, R. and Szczepanska, M. and Taranta-Janusz, K. and Tkaczyk, M. and Weber, L.T. and Wühl, E. and Wurm, D. and Wygoda, S. and Zagozdzon, I. and Dötsch, J. and Oh, J. and Schaefer, F. and Liebau, M.C. and Eid, L.A. and Arbeiter, K. and Ranguelov, N. and Collard, L. and De Mul, A. and Feldkoetter, M. and Seeman, T. and Thumfart, J. and Grundmann, F. and Galiano, M. and Buchholz, B. and Buescher, R. and Häffner, K. and Gross, O. and Bernhardt, W. and Doyon, A. and Henn, M. and Halbritter, J. and Derichs, U. and Klaus, G. and Lange-Sperandio, B. and Uetz, B. and Benz, M. and Titieni, A. and Staude, H. and Leichter, H.E. and Soliman, N.A. and Lara, L.E. and de la Cerda Ojeda, F. and Harambat, J. and Ranchin, B. and Fila, M. and Dossier, C. and Boyer, O. and Marlais, M. and Stabouli, S. and Hooman, N. and Mencarelli, F. and Morello, W. and Longo, G. and Emma, F. and Ruzgiene, D. and Wasilewska, A. and Balasz-Chmielewska, I. and Miklaszewska, M. and Stanczyk, M. and Sikora, P. and Litwin, M. and Morawiec-Knysak, A. and Teixeira, A. and Milosevski-Lomic, G. and Prikhodina, L. and Rus, R. and Jilani, H. and Melek, E. and Duzova, A. and Soylu, A. and Candan, C. and Sever, L. and Yilmaz, A. and Cicek, N. and Akinci, N. and Mir, S. and Dursun, I. and Tabel, Y. and Nalcacioglu, H. and Group, ESCAPE Study and Group, GPN Study and The ARegPKD consortium, and Dursun, Ismail and Tabe, Yilmaz (2020) Severe neurological outcomes after very early bilateral nephrectomies in patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD). Scientific Reports, 10 (1).

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