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Parma, V. and Ohla, K. and Veldhuizen, M.G. and Niv, M.Y. and Kelly, C.E. and Bakke, A.J. and Cooper, K.W. and Bouysset, C. and Pirastu, N. and Dibattista, M. and Kaur, R. and Liuzza, M.T. and Pepino, M.Y. and Schöpf, V. and Pereda-Loth, V. and Olsson, S.B. and Gerkin, R.C. and Rohlfs Domínguez, P. and Albayay, J. and Farruggia, M.C. and Bhutani, S. and Fjaeldstad, A.W. and Kumar, R. and Menini, A. and Bensafi, M. and Sandell, M. and Konstantinidis, I. and Di Pizio, A. and Genovese, F. and �ztürk, L. and Thomas-Danguin, T. and Frasnelli, J. and Boesveldt, S. and Saatci, �. and Saraiva, L.R. and Lin, C. and Golebiowski, J. and Hwang, L.-D. and Ozdener, M.H. and Guà rdia, M.D. and Laudamiel, C. and Ritchie, M. and Havlícek, J. and Pierron, D. and Roura, E. and Navarro, M. and Nolden, A.A. and Lim, J. and Whitcroft, K.L. and Colquitt, L.R. and Ferdenzi, C. and Brindha, E.V. and Altundag, A. and MacChi, A. and Nunez-Parra, A. and Patel, Z.M. and Fiorucci, S. and Philpott, C.M. and Smith, B.C. and Lundström, J.N. and Mucignat, C. and Parker, J.K. and Van Den Brink, M. and Schmuker, M. and Fischmeister, F.Ph.S. and Heinbockel, T. and Shields, V.D.C. and Faraji, F. and Santamaría, E. and Fredborg, W.E.A. and Morini, G. and Olofsson, J.K. and Jalessi, M. and Karni, N. and D'Errico, A. and Alizadeh, R. and Pellegrino, R. and Meyer, P. and Huart, C. and Chen, B. and Soler, G.M. and Alwashahi, M.K. and Welge-Lüssen, A. and Freiherr, J. and De Groot, J.H.B. and Klein, H. and Okamoto, M. and Singh, P.B. and Hsieh, J.W. and Reed, D.R. and Hummel, T. and Munger, S.D. and Hayes, J.E. and Abdulrahman, O. and Dalton, P. and Yan, C.H. and Voznessenskaya, V.V. and Chen, J. and Sell, E.A. and Walsh-Messinger, J. and Archer, N.S. and Koyama, S. and Deary, V. and Roberts, S.C. and Yanlk, H. and Albayrak, S. and Nováková, L.M. and Croijmans, I. and Mazal, P.P. and Moein, S.T. and Margulis, E. and Mignot, C. and Mariño, S. and Georgiev, D. and Kaushik, P.K. and Malnic, B. and Wang, H. and Seyed-Allaei, S. and Yoluk, N. and Razzaghi-Asl, S. and Justice, J.M. and Restrepo, D. and Author, GCCR Group (2020) More than smell - COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis. Chemical Senses, 45 (7). pp. 609-622.

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