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Aalam Samimi, M. and Mirkheshti, N. and Pazouki, A. (2014) Assessing the percent of necrosis after neoadjuvant chemotherapy with 24hr infusional cisplatin/3 days doxorubicin intermittent with ifosfamide-doxorubicin for osteosarcoma. International Journal of Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Research, 8 (1). pp. 5-8. ISSN 17351243

Abbaszadeh, H. and Ebrahimi, S.A. and Akhavan, M.M. (2014) Antiangiogenic activity of xanthomicrol and calycopterin, two polymethoxylated hydroxyflavones in both in vitro and ex vivo models. Phytotherapy Research, 28 (11). pp. 1661-1670. ISSN 0951418X

Abedi, K. and Ghorbani-Shahna, F. and Jaleh, B. and Bahrami, A. and Yarahmadi, R. (2014) Enhanced performance of non-thermal plasma coupled with TiO2/GAC for decomposition of chlorinated organic compounds: Influence of a hydrogen-rich substance. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 12 (1).

Abolhallaje, M. and Mousavi, S.M. and Anjomshoa, M. and Beigi Nasiri, A. and Seyedin, H. and Sadeghifar, J. and Aryankhesal, A. and Rajabi Vasokolaei, G. and Beigi Nasiri, M. (2014) Assessing health inequalities in Iran: a focus on the distribution of health care facilities. Global journal of health science, 6 (4). pp. 285-291. ISSN 19169736

Ahmadi, A. and Ardehali, S.H. and Beigmohammadi, M.T. and Hajiabdolbaghi, M. and Hashemian, S.M.R. and Kouchek, M. and Majidpour, A. and Mokhtari, M. and Moghaddam, O.M. and Najafi, A. and Nejat, R. and Niakan, M. and Lotfi, A.H. and Amirsavadkouhi, A. and Shirazian, F. and Tabarsi, P. and Taher, M.T. and Torabi-Nami, M. (2014) Invasive candidiasis in intensive care unit; consensus statement from an Iranian panel of experts, July 2013. JRSM Short Reports, 5 (3). pp. 1-10.

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Al-Mulla, N.A. and Chandra, P. and Khattab, M. and Madanat, F. and Vossough, P. and Torfa, E. and Al-Lamki, Z. and Zain, G. and Muwakkit, S. and Mahmoud, S. and Al-Jassmi, A. and Tuncer, M. and Al-Mukharraq, H. and Barsaoui, S. and Arceci, R.J. and Howard, S.C. and Kulozik, A.E. and Ravindranath, Y. and Reaman, G.H. and Farranoush, M. and Alnasser, A.A. (2014) Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the Middle East and neighboring countries: A prospective multi-institutional international collaborative study (CALLME1) by the Middle East Childhood Cancer Alliance (MECCA). Pediatric Blood and Cancer, 61 (8). pp. 1403-1410.

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Asgharnia, H. and Jafari, A.J. and Kalantary, R.R. and Nasseri, S. and Mahvi, A. and Yaghmaeian, K. and Esrafili, A. and Shahamat, Y.D. (2014) Influence of bioaugmentation on biodegradation of phenanthrene-contaminated soil by earthworm in lab scale. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 12 (1).

Ashrafi, M. and Fakheri, T. and Kiani, K. and Sadeghi, M. and Akhoond, M.R. (2014) Impact of the endometrioma on ovarian response and pregnancy rate in in Vitro fertilization cycles. International Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 8 (1). pp. 29-34.

Ashtarinezhad, A. and Panahyab, A. and Mohamadzadeh asl, B. and Vatanpour, H. and Shirazi, F.H. (2014) FTIR determination of miconazole effects on mice fetus brain tissue. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10 (2). pp. 79-84.

Ataie-Jafari, A. and Heshmat, R. and Kelishadi, R. and Ardalan, G. and Mahmoudarabi, M. and Rezapoor, A. and Motlagh, M.E. and Asayesh, H. and Larijani, B. and Qorbani, M. (2014) Generalized or abdominal obesity: Which one better identifies cardiometabolic risk factors among children and adolescents? The CASPIAN III study. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 60 (5). pp. 377-385.

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Azizollahi, S. and Aflatoonian, R. and Sedigi-Gilani, M.A. and Jafarabadi, M.A. and Behnam, B. and Azizollahi, G. and Koruji, M. (2014) Recruiting testicular torsion introduces an azoospermic mouse model for spermatogonial stem cell transplantation. Urology Journal, 11 (3). pp. 1648-1655.


Bahadori, M. and Ravangard, R. and Raadabadi, M. and Mosavi, S.M. and Fesharaki, M.G. and Mehrabian, F. (2014) Factors affecting intensive care units nursing workload. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 16 (8).


Dabaghian, M. and Latify, A.M. and Tebianian, M. and Nili, H. and Ranjbar, A.R.T. and Mirjalili, A. and Mohammadi, M. and Banihashemi, R. and Ebrahimi, S.M. (2014) Vaccination with recombinant 4×M2e.HSP70c fusion protein as a universal vaccine candidate enhances both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses and decreases viral shedding against experimental challenge of H9N2 influenza in chickens. Veterinary Microbiology, 174 (1-2). pp. 116-126.

Dehkordi, F.F. and Houshmand, M. and Sadeghizadeh, M. and Kashkouli, M.B. and Javadi, G. (2014) Association of fibroblast growth factor (FGF-21) as a screening biomarker for chronic progressive external ophthalmoplesia. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 13 (3). pp. 377-381. ISSN 15965996

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Esrafili, A. and Yamini, Y. and Ghambarian, M. and Moradi, M. (2014) Analysis of paraben preservatives in cosmetic samples: Comparison of three different dynamic hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction methods. Chromatographia, 77 (3-4). pp. 317-327. ISSN 00095893


Farrokhi, M. and Hosseini, S.-C. and Yang, J.-K. and Shirzad-Siboni, M. (2014) Application of ZnO-Fe3O4 nanocomposite on the removal of azo dye from aqueous solutions: Kinetics and equilibrium studies. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 225 (9). ISSN 00496979

Farsaei, S. and Radfar, M. and Heydari, Z. and Abbasi, F. and Qorbani, M. (2014) Insulin adherence in patients with diabetes: Risk factors for injection omission. Primary Care Diabetes, 8 (4). pp. 338-345.

Farsi, D. and Mirafzal, A. and Hassanian-Moghaddam, H. and Azizi, Z. and Jamshidnejad, N. and Zehtabchi, S. (2014) The Correlation Between Prolonged Corrected QT Interval with the Frequency of Respiratory Arrest, Endotracheal Intubation, and Mortality in Acute Methadone Overdose. Cardiovascular Toxicology, 14 (4). pp. 358-367.

Faryadian, S. and Sydmohammadi, A. and Khosravi, A. and Kashiri, M. and Faryadayn, P. and Abasi, N. (2014) Aqueous extract of Echlum amoenum elevate CSF serotonin and dopamine level in depression rat. Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal, 7 (1). pp. 137-142. ISSN 09746242

Fatemi, M.J. and Khajerahimi, A.A. and Nikoumaram, B. and Sakhaei, M. and Mostafavi, S. and Atashi, A. and Pedram, M.S. and Reza Aghayan, S.H. and Araghi, S. and Soltani, M. and Mohammadi, M.M. (2014) Amniotic membrane seeded with mesenchymal adipose-derived stem cell for coverage of wound in third degree burn: An experimental study. Tehran University Medical Journal, 72 (6). pp. 367-378. ISSN 16831764

Fereshtehnejad, S.-M. and Hadizadeh, H. and Farhadi, F. and Shahidi, G.A. and Delbari, A. and Lökk, J. (2014) Comparison of the psychological symptoms and disease-specific quality of life between early- and typical-onset parkinson's disease patients. Parkinson's Disease, 2014.


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Ghasemi, A. and Rahimi Foroshani, A. and Kheibar, N. and Latifi, M. and Khanjani, N. and Eshagh Afkari, M. and Taghdisi, M.H. and Ghasemi, F. and Shojaeizadeh, D. and Dastoorpour, M. (2014) Effects of family-centered empowerment model based education program on quality of life in methamphetamine users and their families. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 16 (3).

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Ghehi, T.J. and Mortezaeifar, S. and Gholami, M. and Kalantary, R.R. and Mahvi, A.H. (2014) Performance evaluation of enhanced SBR in simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorous. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 12 (1).

Gilanchi, S. and Esmaeilzade, B. and Eidi, A. and Barati, M. and Mehrabi, S. and Ghoroghi, F.M. and Nobakht, M. (2014) Neuronal differentiation of rat hair follicle stem cells: The involvement of the neuroprotective factor seladin-1 (DHCR24). Iranian Biomedical Journal, 18 (3). pp. 136-142.


Habibi, E.A. and Dehghan, H. and Dehkordy, S.E. and Maracy, M.R. (2014) The effect of noise on error rate and performance rate by using the experiment of two-hand coordination. Iran Occupational Health, 10 (6).

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